Lifecycle Management

Follow along the lifecycle journey of your customers

Easily track the customer journey and build customizable tasks per stage that match different customer segments.

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Focus on the right tasks, at the right time

Catalyst helps success managers focus on the highest-priority tasks. With Lifecycle Management’s sequence-based task creation, we’ll only create and assign a task that’s due currently. Once that one is completed, we’ll log it to Salesforce for you and automatically create the next one. No more spam!


​​Automated Lifecycle Management

No longer do CSMs have to worry about data entry or updating accounts to ​​the next stage. Catalyst follows your customer journey, recognizes when tasks are completed in the current stage, and automatically moves the customer to the next stage.


Receive alerts on your customers' progress

Catalyst helps track how long a customer has been in a certain stage. Set up alerts for high-priority accounts that have been stuck in the Onboarding stage for too long.

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