Intuitive, cross platform reporting

Build reports quickly across different data sets such as upcoming renewals in Salesforce, # of email campaigns sent from Mixpanel, # of open tickets from Zendesk.

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Customer overview by health & stage

Catalyst helps you understand performance across the team by reporting on each CSM’s accounts by stage and health.


Product usage analytics

Within minutes after integrating your analytics platform (ie: Mixpanel or Segment) or connecting through our API, you’ll get complete visibility into what features your customers are/aren’t using and understand trends. Catalyst also enables you to set alerts from Playbooks to be notified when usage decreases.


Customizable dashboards & layouts

Build default dashboards for Customer Success Managers to understand high-priority tasks, accounts at risk, upcoming renewals, and get a snapshot view of health across all customers. Customize them to your tech stack and bring in data from tools like Zendesk, JIRA, and Asana.

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