Meet Catalyst

We're a team of designers, developers, problem solvers and friends based out of New York City.


Our origin story

Catalyst was born out of frustration and necessity. Our founders working in Customer Success were tired of sifting between meeting notes, juggling email campaigns, tracking down product statistics, prioritizing customer needs and navigating a sea of tabs and windows. After evaluating several tools on the market, they found them to be difficult to use and some required almost half a year just to implement.

They recognized that this issue wasn’t simply their own, so we built a tool that would take the guesswork out of managing customer success. A platform for CSMs that’s intuitive, well designed and comprehensive. It gives you the means to mobilize your customers, measure their satisfaction and grow your business before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee.

The year Catalyst was founded in New York City
Our total funding to date.
The number of brilliant minds that sit in our desk chairs.
The amount of love we have for our customers.

Our investors are some of the best in the space. We're grateful for their support and friendship.


Our Advisors

We’ve recruited a handful of industry customer success leaders and technical advisors to help us build the best customer success platform that seems lightweight & intuitive on the surface while providing the power of true enterprise software.

Our Values

As a Customer Success Platform, the foundation of everything we do is to make customers delighted. Everyone must first put themselves in our customers' shoes before making a decision.
Don’t wait to be told what to do; be proactive. Consider the impact your work has on colleagues. Your work matters to overall company success, so feel empowered to ask questions and seek additional information about the company.
We believe a great company can only be created when people are open about their thoughts and feedback without fear of backlash. Catalyst strives to foster a safe environment for everyone.
Catalyst values diverse opinions and backgrounds. We rely on people who think differently to develop the ultimate solutions for the toughest challenges. The best decisions come from a variety of options and take into account diverse perspectives.
Our mission is to help companies around the world serve their customers better from day one. To accomplish this task, we expect everyone at Catalyst to incorporate the foundation of our mission in daily tasks and activities, and think beyond just immediate project goals.

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